Terrafame aims to be among the top quarter in the industry

Terrafame is building a more sustainable world with high-quality metal products. Our vision is to be among the top quarter of the industry globally in cost effectiveness. Safety, efficiency and commitment guide our long-term operations as well as our day-to-day work. 

Terrafame has access to extensive mineral resources that enable decades of operation. In summer 2016, an updated assessment of mining area mineral reserves indicated that they total 1,458 million tonnes. 

The company utilizes energy- and cost-efficient bioleaching technology for extracting metals from ore. Competitive advantages also arise from our favourable logistical location as well as skilled personnel. 

Strategic themes 2016–2020 

Terrafame has five strategic themes for the 2016–2020 period. 

Ore handling

By mining the planned amount of quality ore, we can ensure that the metals are adequately stacked and expedited to the metals production plant for separation. During the strategy period, Terrafame's objective is to mine about 18 million tonnes of ore per year, as well as optimise the mining and crushing costs from the pit to leaching.  

Leaching yield

Terrafame's business plan is based on a moderate 70 per cent nickel and zinc leaching yield. During the strategy period, the company's target is to further improve this yield. Yield refers to the primary and secondary leaching recovery in proportion to the amount of metal stacked to the bioleaching heaps.

Metals production efficiency

Metals production is increased in proportion to the progress of leaching ramp-up. An additional aim is to improve the cost efficiency of the metals production plant. Terrafame will also clarify the commercialization potential of copper and uranium as well as the further processing of nickel. 

Category management

Category management is to be utilised in the procurement of production supply, materials and services required to achieve cost-efficient operation. Resource efficiency is being constantly developed, for instance, in the use of energy, fuels and chemicals. 


At Terrafame, teams are responsible for maximising uptime, combining expertise from production and maintenance departments. During the strategy period, the aim is to ensure the high availability of production lines and improve the management of spare parts.