Occupational safety improved in many ways

In 2016, Terrafame updated its work permit procedure and improved its safety instructions. In addition to video training, we focused on safety inspection rounds. The staff was rewarded with monthly and quarterly bonuses for accident-free work. 

In 2016, we improved our work permit procedure in order to ensure the safety of maintenance work everywhere in the mine and plant area. The cornerstones of the work permit procedure are advance notification of upcoming maintenance work, preparations carried out by production, such as isolation and safety locking, work permit approval and notification of the starting and finishing of work by maintenance personnel. Naturally, the work permit also addresses risks that may arise during work and guarding against them.

The past year also brought significant changes to occupational safety activities. We were able to eliminate cuts caused by the use of knives by banning the use of ordinary knives everywhere in the area. Knives were replaced with safety knives and other tools more suitable for cutting. 

Efficient safety and driving training through video tutorials

The level of safety training was improved further by the introduction of video training materials, which can also be delivered in advance to third parties that operate in our area. We prepared a one-hour video tutorial on safety for our personnel and business partners as well as a five-minute version for visitors. Towards the end of the year, we also published an internal driving training video that everyone working in the mine or plant area will be required to complete annually. 

In early 2016, we adopted the Hopealuoti text message system for emergency communications. The system is used to make announcements to our own personnel, service providers and neighbours. The system makes it possible to reach staff and other specified stakeholders in a matter of seconds, so emergency communications are technically possible in almost real time.

Support from safety rounds and bonuses

Terrafame supported occupational safety with weekly safety rounds conducted by management as well as by weekly departmental cleanliness and safety inspections. The Management Team also started every meeting with a safety review, and middle management held safety meetings every other week, reviewing near misses and accidents and their root causes. At the end of the year, we also started accident and near miss review meetings with our business partners. 

Terrafame rewarded employees for good safety performance in 2016. A monthly bonus was paid for accident-free months. In the longer term, Terrafame encouraged the improvement of safety by rewarding employees with a safety bonus for accident-free quarters. The amounts and award criteria of the bonuses have been kept transparent and at a level that will not incur detrimental effects of safety rewards, such as the concealment of accidents.

Development of occupational safety 2013-2016. 

LTIFR = Lost-time incident frequency. Number of injuries per one million person-hours worked.