Maintenance of statutory REACH documents continued

The maintenance of the REACH documents concerning existing products continued, and the preparation of the documents related to copper product development started at Terrafame in 2016. 

The development of product safety continued at Terrafame as part of daily routines in 2016. Statutory changes and regulatory proposals were updated for all REACH documents. REACH-related expertise was fortified based on external expertise.

Terrafame is still the lead registrant for nickel sulphide for REACH documents, acting as a representative of European nickel producers to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). In practice, the lead registrant is tasked with updating the information of the registration documents in accordance with the latest research results. During 2016, Terrafame attended two meetings organised by an interest group and a product safety stakeholder.

With regards to product development, Terrafame initiated the preparation of new product safety documents. The classification of all test and process samples sent for external processing in accordance with the GHS/CLP rules for classification and labelling began in 2016, and their safety data sheets will be updated in 2017.