Production process supported through risk assessments and contingency plans

Terrafame’s safety risk management process includes a wide range of risk assessments and contingency plans. Activities are assessed comprehensively, and the reviewed risks include occupational safety, environmental, fire and process safety risks. 

Terrafame reviews its risks at regular intervals and monitors the realisation of corrective measures for lowering the risk level several times a year. The assessments make use of in-house expertise and external specialists from, for example, occupational health care, insurance companies, security consultancies and projecting companies.

The assessment of non-financial risks is coordinated by the EHSQ department, i.e., the company's own department for the environment, health, safety and quality, in cooperation with other departments and experts. Risk assessments are conducted with statutory and standardised methods to enable the comparison of risk magnitudes.

Accident scenarios and emergency plan updated

In 2016, Terrafame updated its accident scenario modelling. These models will be used as a basis to update our safety document in 2017. Terrafame is an industrial site subject to the SEVESO Directive on the prevention of major industrial accidents involving dangerous substances. 

During the year under review, Terrafame also updated its rescue plan, to be reviewed with all employees and Terrafame’s business partners that operate in the mine and plant area. At the same time, the company introduced a crisis management procedure, which allows for smooth decision-making in serious emergencies.

Non-conformity notifications and observations reviewed with care

Terrafame continuously collects observations and non-conformity reports related to safety, the environment and quality. Every employee can log an observation or non-conformity notification in the internal information system. All observations and non-conformities are dealt with under the direction of the responsible department, and the root causes of non-conformities are analysed. 

The observation and non-conformity system allows for continuous risk assessment with the participation of the entire staff. All observations and non-conformities provide lessons that will help develop the company's safety, environmental and quality management activities.

Crisis readiness tested with a complete loss of power

In the autumn of 2016, Terrafame tested the company's readiness for a crisis. A complete blackout lasting four hours was arranged in connection with a maintenance shutdown. 

During the blackout, Terrafame tested the area’s reserve power capacity and its gradual connection to the company’s internal power grid. At the same time, we also tested the behaviour of other battery-assisted systems. At the end of the blackout, the company grid was gradually reconnected to the national grid. 

The blackout operation provided valuable information on the functioning of production and back-up systems and identified shortcomings that were immediately rectified after the blackout.